Captain Sweatpants Part- II

It’s been almost a dog week since I have turned into a pug. Did I tell you the name? No? Well, It’s kinda embarrassing. But since I am already in the body of a dog, I think it cannot get worse. So, my name is, “Jango”. I know, it sounds as if I am the villain of an action movie but no, sorry for disappointing, I am just a Pug. I have been trying to find a way to turn back, but I cannot find a way out. And apart from that, I cannot work out. These people, (I cannot believe that I am saying that) My owners, won’t stop feeding me. (Oh Boy, the food is delicious. I am thinking of continuing with the dog diet even after I turn back) If not anything, I can put on enormous amount of weight and won’t be able to move. But they just don’t seem to get it! I am a couch dog. Meanwhile, Simon has come to visit and I think he knows that it’s me. It’s really sad that I have turned into a dog and NOBODY knows about it. I don’t know how this happened and I don’t know if I’d be able to turn back. Anyway, there’s this lady who moved in the house next to ours, who is in her late 20s, I think she feels that there is something fishy about a blue-eyed pug and I’m glad she does. She spends a quarter of her day with me, playing with me and trying to figure out how on earth a pug has humanish eyes. I really hope she succeeds. I wonder if she practices witchcraft. What if she can turn me back? I am not the one who believes in occult but I don’t think that I have a choice anymore. Today, I tried reading the newspaper, there’s some guy called “Raghav Rein” who is taking the business world by storm. I can already picture him as my arch-nemesis, but before I could finish the article, Mary (My Owner) snatched away the newspaper thinking that I would tear it, God. I AM NOT REALLY A DOG, MARY!! In the meantime, I have started my mission of “Save Dog Community” by started saving helpless street dogs from Big Bullies. I am Afterall, Captain Sweatpants!


Published by: kritiraitiwari

A writer, singer and a traveler. I listen to good music, watch good movies and read good books. I like taking long walks on beaches, wearing Dresses (with sneakers) and listening to stories of people. I am The Girl with larger than life dreams with a fetish for eye masks! Call me weird, yeah. You should really follow me Instagram @kritiraitiwari Twitter @kritiraitiwari

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