How to write better

Hi, I finally came into the limelight after being MIA for long. The rains have been descended from the heavens and the skies to express their happiness over such extraordinary event. Okay, over exaggeration. Sorry.

Coming to the point, If you are reading this, then obviously you have been attracted by the title. Everybody seems to be asking this question these days. Fact, everyone wants to write great stuff and with the increased competition in the content creating business, it is becoming even more difficult to create great content, because, everyone is talking about more or less the same thing. But, I say, writing better is very easy. It’s your own choice actually.

There are two ways to write better


Do not look at writing as a task, it is not a task but an art. Don’t focus on churning readable, decent content; instead, work on writing great content. Take your time, get inspired, read a lot and eventually, you would be able to write better. But if you cannot find the feeling inside you or are not committed enough; then, Do yourself a favor, don’t write. Writing is something that takes time and is an expression of yourself; not a task you need to tackle or a problem to be solved.


The other way by which you can write better is to just write, if you are doing that right now, great. Keep at it. The only way to be great at something is to keep practicing it. Read a lot, it will help you in a lot of ways; It will change your perception of life, it will change your perception about yourself. You would start looking at things differently, you will start approaching problems differently, It will shape you overall as a human being. If you want to write but cannot read genuinely, then, take a walk alone, start observing things, absorb your surroundings. Inspiration is everywhere. Watch your movies, listen to your music and draw inspiration from them and then, slowly start reading. Begin with the back of a shampoo bottle, but start. It is very important to start. They say, “Well begun is half done!” so start reading and build your knowledge bank. There is never enough knowledge to be gained, books to be read or good cinema to be seen.

So, Write, Write and Write. Because there’s only beginning to the Writing Process and no end.


Published by: kritiraitiwari

A writer, singer and a traveler. I listen to good music, watch good movies and read good books. I like taking long walks on beaches, wearing Dresses (with sneakers) and listening to stories of people. I am The Girl with larger than life dreams with a fetish for eye masks! Call me weird, yeah. You should really follow me Instagram @kritiraitiwari Twitter @kritiraitiwari

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