Yay, me!

Idea, Creativity, Execution and Passion are the four infinite sources that I use to do my work. I believe that nothing happens in Isolation, so It’s my job to create a suitable atmosphere for the four infinities to bloom! I believe that there is only beginning to the creative process and no end; it is ever evolving and improving. My job is to put my best foot forward and tackle the problem with a creative mindset. If there’s a problem, there ought to be a solution, no matter what! I specialize in – Copywriting – Content Ideation and Generation – Ghostwriting – Songwriting I believe that an Idea is central to everything. We need an Idea to begin with anything. I believe that adding a little enthusiasm in everything makes it better. So, I am a dance enthusiast, singer and a writer. I don’t mind acting and modelling occasionally. I put passion in the center of everything and that makes the effort worth it. Music and Literature are the core of my being. Right now, Fall out boy is my jam!


Published by: kritiraitiwari

A writer, singer and a traveler. I listen to good music, watch good movies and read good books. I like taking long walks on beaches, wearing Dresses (with sneakers) and listening to stories of people. I am The Girl with larger than life dreams with a fetish for eye masks! Call me weird, yeah. You should really follow me Instagram @kritiraitiwari Twitter @kritiraitiwari

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