Hi There! This is my first blog and I am gonna introduce me and my work. I am a copywriter based in Mumbai, India. I just started working but I have been writing since I was a kid. Music and Literature are my passion. I like to write- I write songs, articles, stories and about brands (since I’m a copywriter!)

I am a Freelancer as well.I freelance my services which includes copywriting, content writing, Ghostwriting, song writing and content ideation and generation.

I love to sing and dance! So, if you are looking for someone to sing with you in a cool band who only sings Hollywood songs, then call me! :p or If you are looking for someone to dance in a flash mob or a cool place, remember me!

Please comeback for interesting stories, poems or just a day-in-my-life trivia. If I feel like, I write philosophically as well and sometimes on beauty-related topics as well.

I would love to have a Q & A session, someday!

For professional queries, mail me @- kritiraitiwari@gmail.com

Loads of Love, BYE!!! 😀


Published by: kritiraitiwari

A writer, singer and a traveler. I listen to good music, watch good movies and read good books. I like taking long walks on beaches, wearing Dresses (with sneakers) and listening to stories of people. I am The Girl with larger than life dreams with a fetish for eye masks! Call me weird, yeah. You should really follow me Instagram @kritiraitiwari Twitter @kritiraitiwari

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